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This page lists alternatives for converting HDF (4) files into netCDF.

ToolsNetCDF-3NetCDF-3 Format following CF ConventionsNetCDF-4 Format following the netCDF enhanced modelNetCDF-4 Format following the netCDF classic modelNetCDF-4 Format following the netCDF classic model and CF
HDF4's ncdump
(option: -eos-nc4)
NoNoYes (Note: Only for HDF-EOS2)NoNo
Convert HDF-EOS2 file to HDF-EOS5, then augment it:

1. HDF-EOS2 to HDF-EOS5 converter

2. HDF-EOS5 augmentation tool

NoNoIn theory, yes. Note: Users have options to provide corresponding dimension scales when augmenting the HDF-EOS5 file. Not thoroughly tested.NoNo
HDF4/HDF-EOS2 to CF Conversion Toolkit (h4tonccf and h4tonccf_nc4)Yes for many NASA/HDF/HDF-EOS2 products (h4tonccf)YesNoYes (h4tonccf_nc4)Yes

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