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These are HDF5 command-line utilities that come with the HDF5 software distribution.

  • gif2h5 / h52gif - Converts to/from GIF file and HDF5
  • h5cc - h5pcc, h5fc - h5pfc, h5c++ - Helper scripts for compiling an HDF5 application
  • h5check - Verifies that an HDF5 file is encoded according to the HDF5 specification
  • h5clear - Clears superblock status_flags field, removes metadata cache image, prints EOA and EOF, or sets EOA of a file
  • h5copy - Copies objects to a new HDF5 file
  • h5debug - Debugs an existing HDF5 file at a low level
  • h5diff - Compares two HDF5 files and reports the differences
  • h5dump - Enables the user to examine the contents of an HDF5 file and dump those contents to an ASCII file
  • h5format_convert - Converts the layout format version and chunked indexing types of datasets created with HDF5-1.10 so applications built with HDF5-1.8 can access them
  • h5import - Imports ASCII or binary data into HDF5
  • h5jam - h5unjam - Add/Remove text to/from User Block at the beginning of an HDF5 file
  • h5ls - Lists selected information about file objects in the specified format
  • h5mkgrp - Makes a group in an HDF5 file
  • h5perf - Measures Parallel HDF5 performance
  • h5perf_serial - Measures HDF5 serial performance
  • h5redeploy - Updates HDF5 compiler tools' paths after the HDF5 software has been installed in a new location
  • h5repack - Copies an HDF5 file to a new file with or without compression/chunking
  • h5repart - Repartitions a file or family of files
  • h5stat - Displays object and metadata information for an HDF5 file
  • h5watch - Outputs new records appended to a dataset as the dataset grows

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