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The following table organizes tools by category to help users focus on the tools they need.

View or Display  HDFViewInteractive Java tool. Can view HDF5 file tree structure, images, spreadsheets, properties, attributes.See tutorial topic Learning HDF5 with HDFView.
 h5dumpCommand-line utility to display or dump contents of HDF5 file in text.h5dump xxx.h5
h5dump -n xxx.h5
 h5lsCommand-line utility to display or list contents of HDF5 file in text.h5ls xxx.h5
 h5diffCommand-line utility to compare HDF5 files.h5diff file1.h5 file2.h5
 Other toolsThere are various HDF5 command-line tools to view files in different ways (h5stat, h5perf_serial, ...) 
ModifyHDFViewInteractive Java tool: can create, delete, copy and edit datasets, groups, attributesSee tutorial topic Learning HDF5 with HDFView.
 h5repackCommand-line tool to repack a file. Can be used to get rid of unused space, change properties of datasets and more. 
 h5editCommand-line tool to create and delete attributes in groups and datasets
(not complete, more features to be added later).
 Other toolsThere are various HDF5 command-line tools to edit files in different ways (h5copy, h5jam, ...) 
ExportHDFViewInteractive Java tool. Text and Binary data can be exported to a file. HDF4 and HDF5 images and palettes can be exported to JPEG, PNG, GIF, or BMP files. 
 h5dumpText and binary data can be exported to a file.h5dump -o dset.asci -y -w 400 dset.h5
h5dump -b -o file.bin
h5dump --xml --use-dtd --xml-dtd=U --xml-ns=S
ConvertHDFViewCan convert GIF, JPEG, BMP, and PNG images into HDF5, and vice-versaSee Section 6.6 in UG.
 h5toh4Command-line utility to convert some HDF5 files to HDF4. See h4h5tools.h5toh4 input.h5 output.h4
 HDF5 to NetCDF  Several tools to get HDF5 to NetCDF 
 HDF5 To ExcelYou can use h5dump or HDFView to get output that is readable by Excel. 
ImportHDFViewInteractive Java tool. Can import a palette from a file into an image. Can inport text and binary data into a spreadsheet.See Section 6.5 in UG.
 h5importCommand-line tool to import data into an existing or new HDF5 file. 

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