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Creating and manipulating HDF5 datasets intended to be interpreted as tables (H5TB)

HDF5 Table API Reference

The HDF5 Table API defines a standard storage for HDF5 datasets that are intended to be interpreted as tables. A table is defined as a collection of records whose values are stored in fixed-length fields. All records have the same structure, and all values in each field have the same data type.

Programming Hints:

To use any of these functions or subroutines, you must first include the relevant include file (C) or module (Fortran) in your application.


To include the HDF5 Table package, H5TB, in C applications specify:   #include "hdf5_hl.h"


To include the H5TB module in Fortran applications specify:   use h5tb

Fortran applications must also include H5_OPEN before any HDF5 calls to initialize global variables and H5_CLOSE after all HDF5 calls to close the Fortran interface.


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