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  • Go over agenda items

Discussion items

20 minGovernanceElena and All


Charter document discussion

Recommended changes:

  • Remove two last items in the bullet list in section 2 to avoid conflict or potential conflict of interest.
  • Clarify that the Charter talks about Open Source HDF5.
  • Modify Term to be 2 tears with 50% rotation.
  • Add provision for altering the document.
  • Simplify some rules to remove specifics of communications and modify expectations for the members to remove activity that presents conflict of interest.

Discussion of mentoring: We agreed that mentoring is not limited to the HDF5library  internals. Examples give: feedback on RFC (Request for Comment documents that THG writes before implementing any new feature or making changes to the library), software engineering,

15 min

Current THG efforts to involve community in HDF5 development

  1. Open access to Bitbucket and JIRA
    1. Have read-access to hDF5 JIRA project for any registered user
    2. Identify potential contributors
    3. Provide full access to HDF5 project in Bitbucket and JIRA
  2. New HDF5 License as of upcoming HDF5 1.10.3
    Question: Is there any problems with updating the license considering contributions to the old code? No. THG has a paper trail for all contributions; contributors granted the rights to THG. New contributions will go into develop first that is under the updated license, i.e., THG will not accept contributions to the old released code. Lee recommended to Elena to check again with the lawyers.
  3. Code contribution policy
15 minIdentify technical topics and agenda items for the following meetingAll

Mark proposed to gather  impressions from members and THG staff what is currently the biggest hurdle in fostering developers for contributing to HDF5 internals. THG answer: documentation. It would be also good to involve community in the discussions too. This can be done via poll. The Board approved the idea of poll. 

==> Board members will write a paragraph about HDF5 strength and weakness.

==> Elena will create a poll on strengths, weaknesses and hurdls and will run the questions by THG and Board.

As a general approach, Rob suggested that for each prioritized discussion item have a session where THG will present the key technology and applications challenges and propose the best strategy in addressing those; for example, are architectural or software engineering changes required? The Board will come back with response. This approach would help with prioritization.

Decision made: Open Board materials to the world.


5 minSet up time for the next meetingElena

Elena will send Doodle Poll for meeting in 4 week from now.

Action items

  • Elena Pourmal will create a poll on strengths, weaknesses and hurdls; run the questions we are going to ask by THG and Board.
  • Elena Pourmal will send updated Charter.
  • Elena Pourmal will check ith the HDF Group contract office the answers given during the updated license discussion.
  • Board members will write a paragraph for each strengths and weaknesses
  • Board members will send a few lines for Bio to be included on the Wiki front page


  • Open Board Confluence space to the world before next meeting.