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  • Go over agenda items

Discussion items

5 minReview of the action itemsElena
DescriptionDue dateAssigneeTask appears on
  • Elena Pourmal will present goals and objectives at the next Board meeting. Will try to get all Board together.
Elena Pourmal2019-03-04 Meeting notes
  • Come up with the use case example and a description of schema, storage
2019-01-07 Meeting notes
Elena Pourmal2018-11-05 Meeting notes
  • Open Board Confluence space to the world before next meeting.
2018-08-20 Meeting notes
Venkat Vishwanath2018-06-07 Meeting notes
5 minMisc infoElena
  • email address was created for Board communications
  • Recordings are posted on YouTube and links will be available for each meeting.
  • FORUM survey

    How to get a better feedback from community?
  • People assume that THG knows how users use HDF5, but we don't. We need much higher level of participation.
 ESE vs. CEDavidTHG talked about ESE subscription and talked to community and customers before going ahead. Common theme - two different code bases was not well received. We decided to go with one code base, releases are every 6 months. We will focus on adds-on and priority support.
10 minCharter discussionAll

Any updates are required? If not, can we vote via email? Latest Version

Charter discussion: How we elect the board and what are the terms. We decided that the term for each Board member will be two years, with half of the current board staying longer, so Board have continuity. We also discussed goals and objectives and agree that those should be set every year.

30 minStrengths and weaknesses discussion; next stepsAll

Community survey results

Community survey discussion: Expected answers about source location and lack of the contribution process. Lack of documentation was low on respondents list. Discussion of strength and weaknesses led to the proposal of having a good set of documented examples (code, files, etc.) in C or C++ or Fortran or Java or Python that target specific use cases (there is a story behind each example) will be very useful for learning HDF5. The code should be freely available on Github, tested (nightly) and maintained.

Suggestion was to go over the rest of weaknesses and each Board member picks only one item on the list. This is how the Board will come up with priorities for this year.


5 minNext meetingAllTo be decided via email and Doodle poll.

Action items