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Please be aware that the HDF5 Examples that are provided with the pre-built HDF5 binaries for CMake will not build as is. This issue occurs in the binaries provided for HDF5-1.10.5 and at least one earlier version, as well. To resolve the issue, the following changes must be made.

In the top directory of the HDF5 installation is the HDF5examples project that can be built with the installed HDF5 library. Prior to building this project, download these files and replace the ones provided in the binary with them:

Also the HDF5_examples.cmake file must be edited to remove the include of a non-existent file.

Edit HDF5_examples.cmake.

At the bottom of the file remove the two lines (106 and 109) that include the CTestScript.cmake file.

Before and after:


------------------------------------------------- if(WIN32)   include(${CTEST_SCRIPT_DIRECTORY}\\HDF5_Examples_options.cmake) else()   include(${CTEST_SCRIPT_DIRECTORY}/HDF5_Examples_options.cmake) endif() -------------------------------------------------


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