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Software Patches

Members of the HDF community are encouraged submit patches to HDF software for The HDF Group to consider including in an upcoming maintenance release.

The source code for HDF5 and our other software products are hosted on a local Bitbucket server:

To submit a patch for any of the software found on the Bitbucket server, please contact the Help Desk.

You will need to agree to a Contributor License Agreement before The HDF Group can include your code in a public release of our software.

Registered Third-Party Filters

Members of the HDF5 users community can register Third-Party (compression or other) filters for use with HDF5.

Registered Third-Party VOL Connectors

Members of the HDF5 users community can register a VOL plugin for the HDF5 library.

Registered User-defined Link Classes

No user-defined link classes have been registered with The HDF Group at this time. For more information on how to register user-defined link classes, see the H5Lregister function in the HDF5 Reference Manual.

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