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Members of the HDF5 users community can register VOL connectors for use with HDF5.

To register a VOL connector please contact The HDF Helpdesk with the following information: 

  • Contact information for the developer requesting a new identifier
  • Short description of the new connector
  • Links to any relevant information including licensing information 

Here is the current policy regarding VOL connector identifier assignment:

Valid VOL connector identifiers can have values from 0 through 255 for connectors defined by the HDF5 library. Values 256 through 511 are available for testing new filters.  Subsequent values should be obtained by contacting the The HDF Help Desk.

Please contact the maintainer of a VOL connector for help implementing the plugin.

List of VOL Connectors Registered with The HDF Group
VOL Connector IdentifierNameShort Description
 RESTDesigned to utilize web-based storage systems by use of the HDF5 REST APIs
 DAOSDesigned to utilize the DAOS object storage system by use of the DAOS API

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