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Name (with Product URL)Application TypeOpen Source / CommercialPlatformsLanguagesShort Description
H5sBrowser/EditorOpen Source & CommercialWindows 10 Native desktop UI for efficient navigation and concise display of an HDF5 data model
h5glanceBrowser/EditorOpen SourceNotebook view works on any platform. Terminal view is for Unix-y systems (Linux, Mac, etc.). Explore HDF5 files in the terminal and in Jupyter notebooks
ActivePapers ( Problem SolvingOpen Source  File format for storing computations. 
Adaptive Entropy Encoding LibrarySpecial PurposeOpen Source  Freely available SZIP implementation available from the German Climate Computing Center
ADIOSSpecial PurposeOpen Source  IO componentization of different IO transport methods
AdxvVisualization/AnalysisOpen SourceLinux, Mac, Windows Software for the display and analysis of X-Ray diffraction images
Amelet-HDFSpecial PurposeOpen Source  API to provide standard for working with electromagnetic data
Bathymetric Attributed Grid Data FormatSpecial PurposeOpen SourceLinux, Win32 File format for storing bathymetric data
BEAMSpecial PurposeOpen Source  Basic ENVISAT Toolbox for (A)ATSR and MERIS data
BearSpecial PurposeOpen Source  Bers slices and holomy representations
BEATVisualization/AnalysisOpen SourceUnix, Windows,Mac Toolkit for working w/atmospheric data
CactusGeneral Problem Solving   Problem solving environment
CeempleSpecial PurposeCommercial C++Rapid C++ technical computing environment,with built-in HDF support
CGNSSpecial PurposeOpen Source  Software for working with CFD Analysis data
ChomboSpecial PurposeOpen Source  Tools for working with partial differential equations
CSPFormat ConversionOpen Source  Command-line tool to  convert/plot a Perkin Elmer sp3 spectra file into HDF5
DamarisVisualization/AnalysisOpen Source C++, FortranMiddleware for in-situ data analysis and visualization in support of HPC simulations
Data Visualizer for O-MatrixVisualization/AnalysisCommercialWindows O-Matrix command-line interface that works with Intel Array Visualizer
DawnVisualization/AnalysisOpen Source PythonVisualization and Analysis platform for synchrotron data
DerbySpecial PurposeOpen Source  Data browser for exploring product types from GCM
DIAdem (HDF5 DataPlugin)Sci Data MgmtCommercial  Helps engineers and scientists to quickly locate, inspect, analyze, and report on measurement data
DREAM.3DVisualization/AnalysisOpen Source  A software environment for analyzing digital microstructure dataA
dxhdf5Format ConversionOpen Source  Import HDF5 data into Open DX
EnSightVisualization/AnalysisCommercialMany Tools for engineering and scientific simulation
Fiberbundle HDF5 (F5)Visualization/AnalysisOpen Source CI/O library that implements a common data model for scientific visualization
Field3DVisualizationOpen SourceLinux, Mac C++Library/format for storing voxel data
FLASHSpecial PurposeOpen Source  Code for simulation of thermonuclear flashes
G4Linac_MTSpecial PurposeOpen Source C++A Geant4 application to model a Medical Linear Accelerator, used in Radiotherapy to treat cancer diseases by employing ionizing radiation
GalacticusSpecial PurposeOpen Source  A semi-analytic model of galaxy formation
GeomaticaVisualization/AnalysisCommercial  Integrated software system for remote sensing and image processing
Globe ClaritasSpecial PurposeCommercialLinux, Windows, Solaris Seismic processing software (geophysics)
GNU OctaveVisualization/AnalysisOpen Source  MATLAB-like tool
GriKSLGeneral Problem SolvingOpen Source  Develop grid-based simulation and viz techniques for CACTUS
h5checkHDF ToolsOpen SourceLinux, Solaris A tool to check the validity of an HDF5 file
H5CPPAPI for HDF5Open Source C++Easy to use HDF5 C++ templates for HDF5
h5cppAPI for HDF5Open SourceLinux, Windows, OSXC++C++ wrapper equivalent to HDF5 C API; developed and maintained by DESY and ESS
h5editGeneral Problem SolvingOpen SourceLinux, Windows Command-line tool to edit HDF5 files. Currently limited to operations on attributes
H5hutSpecial PurposeOpen SourceManyC, C++, FortranHigh performance I/O library for particle based simulations.
h5labviewInstrumentationOpen Source  Interface between NI LabVIEW and HDF5
H5MDAPI for HDF5Open Source  File format specification for efficient and portable storage of molecular data 
h5pyAPI for HDF5Open SourceLinux, Mac, WindowsPythonPython interface to HDF5
H5utilsFormat ConversionOpen Source  Conversion and Visualization tools for HDF5 
H5WS APIRemote AccessOpen SourceLinuxAPI that allows remote HDF5 data access using Web Services.
HDF CompassVisualizationOpen Source  A visual tool to navigate HDF5 files
HDF ExplorerBrowser/EditorCommercialWindows Data Visualization program for HDF and HDF5
HDF ServerRemote AccessOpen Source  Python-based web service to send/receive HDF5 data using HTTP-based REST interface
HDF4 to HDF5 Conversion LibraryFormat ConversionOpen SourceLinux, Solaris Library and tools to convert HDF4 files to HDF5 files
HDF5 bindings for DelphiAPI for HDF5Open Source  Delphi module with HDF5 bindings
HDF5 High Level APIsAPI for HDF5Open Source C, FortranHigh Level APIs that come with HDF5 to simplify code and provide standards
HDF5 Indexing PrototypeAPI for fast querying in HDF5Open Source  Prototype for storing bitmap and projection indices in HDF5
HDF5 Mesh APISci Data MgmtOpen Source CPrototype for storing structured and unstructured grids in HDF5
HDF5 Plugin for ImageJ and FijiSpecial PurposeOpen Source  Java plugin for ImageJ and Fij image processing package
HDF5 UtilitiesHDF ToolsOpen SourceAll Utilities that come with HDF5 for analyzing and converting HDF5 files and compiling HDF5 applications
HDF5 XMLFormat ConversionOpen Source  An HDF5 DTD and tool
HDF5  and .NETAPI for HDF5Open Source  P/Invoke declarations for core HDF5 C-API
HDF5-FastQueryAPI for fast querying in HDF5   APIs to extend HDF5 selection and accelerate queries
hdf5readGeneral Problem SolvingOpen Source Fortran 90Module to read selected datasets and attributes from HDF5/HDF-EOS data files
HDF-EOSSpecial PurposeOpen Source  Software for working with remote-sensed data from Earth Observing System
HDF-JavaAPI for HDF5Open SourceManyJavaJava API for HDF and HDF5
HDFqlHigh-level language for HDF5 (similar to SQL)FreewareWindows, Linux and macOSC, C++, Java, Python, C#, Fortran, RTool to manage HDF5 files. Reads and writes HDF5 data through a simple and clean interface.
HDFViewBrowser/EditorOpen SourceMany Java-based tool for viewing and editing HDF and HDF5 files
HL-HDFSci Data MgmtOpen Source C, PythonC & Python high level library for scientific data in HDF5
HydroVISHVisualization/AnalysisCommercialLinux, Mac, WindowsC++Visualization framework built on top of Vish for lidar and multisensor mass data
IDLVisualization/AnalysisCommercialManyIDLVisualize and analyze HDF data with IDL. Query, read HDF files.
Igor ProVisualization/AnalysisCommercialWindows, MacC, IgorVisualize/analyze 1D, 2D, 3D data
Intel Array VisualizerVisualization/AnalysisCommercialWindows Windows app to read, write, display array data from HDF4, HDF5, others
ITKSpecial PurposeOpen SourceManyManyToolkit for performing registration and segmentation of medical images
JHDF5API for HDF5Open Source JavaHigh Level Java API for HDF5
LIBGPIVSpecial PurposeOpen Source  Library for (Digital) Particle Image Velocimetry Technique
lvhdf5API for HDF5 Open Source  HDF5 API for Labview
MathematicaVisualization/AnalysisCommercial  Environment for technical tasks ranging from computations to visualizing or modeling data
MATLABVisualization/AnalysisCommercialMany Numeric computation, advanced graphics and visualization. Query, read HDF files 
MDSplusManagement and AccessOpen Source  Tools for data acquisition and storage; methodology for management of complex scientific data
MEDSpecial PurposeOpen Source  Standard for storing and recovering data associated with numerical meshes and fields.
MeteoInfoVisualization/AnalysisOpen Source C#Software to view and analyze meteorological and spatial data interactively
Million Song DatasetSpecial PurposeOpen Source  Collection of audio features and metadata for a million contemporary music tracks
MiradorManagement and Access   Earth Science Data Search Tool
MOABSpecial PurposeOpen SourceLinux/UnixC++Component for representing and evaluating mesh data
MosaikSpecial Purpose  PythonA flexible smart grid co-simulation framework
MultiSpecVisualization/AnalysisOpen Source  Remote sensing analysis  application for multispectral and hyperspectral data
MXAAPI for HDF5Open Source  File format and API for managing data from scientific experiments using XML
mz5Special PurposeOpen Source  Space- and time-efficient storage of mass spectrometry data sets
naggSpecial PurposeOpen Source  Tool for aggregating JPSS data granules from existing files
NCL (NCAR Command Language)Visualization/AnalysisOpen Source  Interpreted language for sci data analysis and visualization
NetCDF-4API for HDF5Open SourceManyFortran, C++, JavaSet of interfaces for array-oriented data access
NeuroHDFSpecial PurposeOpen Source  Software to manage neuroscience data
NeXusAPI for HDF5Open Source  Common data format for neutron, x-ray and muon science
NI-HWSInstrumentationCommercial  Uses limited subset of HDF5 for storage and retrieval of waveforms and attributes
NtupleAPI for HDF5Open Source C++C++ template-based system for the writing of tabular HDF5 data
O-MatrixVisualization/AnalysisCommercial  Interpreted matrix language for data analysis and visualization
OpenCVVisualization/AnalysisOpen Source  Computer vision and machine learning software library
OPeNDAPManagement and AccessN/A  Software framework for remote scientific data transfer and access
OpticksVisualization/AnalysisOpen Source  Expandable remote sensing and imagery analysis platform
OpticsBenchUISpecial PurposeOpen SourceLinuxC, FortranDemo of integrated solution to manage a simple optics bench of cameras, motors and DACs
OSSIMVisualizationOpen Source  Open Source Software Image Map library for geospatial image processing
PAM-CRASHSpecial PurposeCommercialUnix, Linux, WindowsC, FortranESI's open HDF5 database format to store results of FEM-based simulations
pandas ( for HDF5Open Source  Python Data Analysis Library
ParameshSpecial PurposeOpen Source  Fortran subroutines to extend serial AMR code to parallel
ParaViewVisualization/AnalysisOpen Source  Visualize large data sets in serial or parallel environments, using VTK
pconvertSpecial PurposeOpen Source  Command-line tool to convert BEAM and ENVISAT products to HDF5
PhDC4DSpecial PurposeCommercial  Software for maintenance management of ships, offshore structures and static equipment
PomegranateManagement and AccessOpen SourceIndependentPythonWeb service software, web API, library and command line tool
PSH5XGeneral Problem SolvingOpen SourceWindows Windows powershell module for HDF5
PV-WAVEVisualization/AnalysisCommercialManyPV-WAVEVisualization and Analysis language and environment
PyHexadGeneral Problem SolvingOpen Source  Python-based Excel add-in for HDF5
pyqt-h5browserBrowser/EditorOpen Source  HDF5 Python browser
pyratSpecial PurposeOpen Source PythonSimplifies handling of large multi-frequency radio interferometric visibility datasets and images
PyTablesDatabaseOpen Source PythonPython API to organize and manipulate scientific data tables and other numeric objects
Q5CostSpecial Purpose  FortranLibrary and interface used in Quantum Chemistry
RStatistics, GraphicsOpen Source RSystem for statistical computation and graphics, has HDF5 interface
RAMSSpecial PurposeOpen Source  Atmospheric Modeling System
RESQMLSpecial PurposeOpen Source  Exchange standard for subsurface data
Rybo Geo DataSpecial Purpose   Processing of Airborne Geophysical Data
SalomeGeneral Problem SolvingOpen Source  A journaling filesystem driver for HDF5 based on SEC2 driver
SalomeSpecial PurposeOpen SourceLinux CAD/CAE integration and development platform
ScilabSpecial PurposeOpen Source  Scientific software package for numerical computations
SCiLS LabVisualization/AnalysisCommercial  Software for statistical analysis of MALDI imaging data
SeisHDF plug-inSpecial PurposeCommercial  Plug-in for Petrel 2013  for exporting to and importing from HDF5 files.
SiloSpecial PurposeOpen Source C, C++A mesh and field I/O library and scientific database
silx viewBrowser/EditorOpen Source  HDF5 browser to view data in plot widgets or in simple tables.
SLh5Visualization/AnalysisOpen Source S-LangOpen source HDF5 module for S-Lang
SPDLibAPI for HDF5Open Source  Software for processing laser scanning data (i.e., LiDAR) 
STAR-CCM+Special PurposeCommercial  CFD software
SwarmSpecial PurposeOpen Source  Simulator for fine-grained, composable scheduling
SWXSpecial PurposeOpen Source  Space Weather Explorer to visualize space weather model output in 3D
SYSTEMA / THERMICAVisualization/AnalysisCommercialLinux, Solaris, Windows Spacecraft modeler and thermal analyser
TecplotVisualizationCommercialMany Interactive visualization program
THESEUS-FESpecial PurposeCommercialLinux, Windows Simulation software based on Finite-Element solver methodology for handling thermal radiation
TPC5Special PurposeCommercial  HDF5-based format for multi-channel data acquisition
VeuszVisualization/AnalysisOpen SourceMany Scientific plotting and graphing package to provide publication-ready output and edit/view data.
VisADVisualization/AnalysisOpen Source JavaJava toolkit for interactive and collaborative viz and analysis
VishVisualization/AnalysisOpen SourceLinux, Mac, Windows Flexible software environment  for processing and visualizing spatio-temporal data (uses F5)
VisItVisualization/AnalysisOpen Source  Tool for visualizing fields in 2D and 3D meshes
ViTablesBrowser/EditorOpen SourceMany PyTables and HDF5 file viewer and editor
VSIMSpecial PurposeCommercialManyC++, GUIPIC (particle-in-cell)  simulation tool to run plasma, electromagnetic and electrostatic problems
WaveCutSpecial PurposeCommercialLinux, Windows Application with GUI for analyzing large amounts of signal waveform data
XDMFSpecial PurposeOpen Source ManyData format and library using XML and HDF5 in High Performance Computing
YorickVisualization/AnalysisOpen SourceManyYorickInterpreted programming language
ZoriSpecial PurposeOpen Source  Calculate properties of atoms/molecules using quantum Monte Carlo methods

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