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Retrieves information for a splitter file access property list
H5P_SET_FAPL_SPLITTERSets the file access property list to use the splitter driver
H5P_GET_FILE_LOCKING Gets the file locking property values
H5P_SET_FILE_LOCKING Sets the file locking property values
Gets the memory allocation statistics for the library
H5_GET_FREE_LIST_SIZESGets the current size of the free lists used to manage memory
H5S_COMBINE_HYPERSLABPerforms an operation on a hyperslab and an existing selection and returns the resulting selection
H5S_COMBINE_SELECTCombines two hyperslab selections with an operation, returning a dataspace with the resulting selection
H5S_MODIFY_SELECTRefines a hyperslab selection with an operation using a second hyperslab to modify it
H5S_SELECT_ADJUSTAdjusts a selection by subtracting an offset
H5S_SELECT_COPYCopies a selection from one dataspace to another
H5S_SELECT_INTERSECT_BLOCKChecks if current selection intersects with a block
H5S_SELECT_PROJECT_INTERSECTIONProjects the intersection of two source selections to a destination selection

Checks if two selections are the same shape