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  • In C: The include file hdf5.h contains definitions and declarations and must be included in any program that uses the HDF5 library.

    In FORTRAN: The module HDF5 contains definitions and declarations and must be used in any program that uses the HDF5 library. Also note that H5_OPEN MUST be called at the beginning of an HDF5 Fortran application (prior to any HDF5 calls) to initialize the library and variables. The H5_CLOSE call MUST be at the end of the HDF5 Fortran application.


  • H5F_CREATE creates an HDF5 file and returns the file identifier.
    For Fortran, the file creation property list and file access property list are optional. They can be omitted if the default values are to be used.

    The root group is automatically created when a file is created. Every file has a root group and the path name of the root group is always /.

  • H5F_CLOSE terminates access to an HDF5 file.
    When an HDF5 file is no longer accessed by a program, H5F_CLOSE must be called to release the resources used by the file. This call is mandatory.

    Note that if H5F_CLOSE is called for a file, but one or more objects within the file remain open, those objects will remain accessible until they are individually closed. This can cause access problems for other users, if objects were inadvertently left open. A File Access property controls how the file is closed.