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BioHDF is open-source software distributed under the same BSD license as HDF5. A copy of this license can be found here.



Increasing the Scale of Deep Sequencing Data Analysis with BioHDF


Geospiza's CTO Todd Smith has several in-depth blog posts about using BioHDF.


The case for HDF



Scalable Bioinformatics Infrastructures with BioHDF (A five-part bloginar series)
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5


University of Illinois
Jian Ma

Geospiza, Inc.
Todd Smith



Current Funding

BioHDF is currently funded as an internal project of The HDF Group.


Past Funding

National Institutes of Health
NIH SBIR Phase II Grant HG003792
BioHDF- Open Binary File Formats for Bioinformatics
Todd Smith (PI) Geospiza, Inc.
Mike Folk (PI for subcontract with The HDF Group)
March 2009 - February 2011