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The HDF Group
Scot Breitenfeld
Allen Byrne
Albert Cheng
Mark Evans
Jordan Henderson
Aleksandar Jelenak
Barbara Jones
Larry Knox
Mike McGreevy


The software that The HDF Group has developed for the JPSS project is described on this pagebelow.


Tool Development

The HDF Group developers created and currently support the following tools for the JPSS project:


This prototype tool allows users to access their data files using different parameters such as chunking sizes, compression methods, access patterns, and chunk cache settings. The tool provides performance statistics to help users to find the optimum parameters to create and sccess their HDF5 files.


Library Development

JPSS data is distributed in HDF5 files containing raw data and indexing metadata that allows fast access to the raw data. The HDF Group continues to develop software libraries and tools to improve access to this data. As part of this effort, The HDF Group has created a library of C and Fortran routines to access and manipulate data referenced by object and region references and to access and manipulate data packed into integer values. We continue to seek feedback from JPSS applications developers and users, as well as from the wider HDF5 community, and will improve this library as requested.


Supported Systems

The HDF Group is maintaining HDF5 software on the following systems used by JPSS:


The latest versions of documentation for software developed for the JPSS project are available for download. See the list below.

For general information on each tool, see the Software page.

To download the latest versions of the software, see the Downloads page.

See the Technical Support page for help.