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Returns the settings for the automatic error stack traversal function and its data


H5E_GET_AUTO2(estack_id, func, client_data)


herr_t H5Eget_auto2( hid_t estack_id, H5E_auto2_t * func, void **client_data )

hid_t estack_id     IN: Error stack identifier. H5E_DEFAULT indicates the current stack
H5E_auto2_t * funcOUT: The function currently set to be called upon an error condition
void **client_data    OUT: Data currently set to be passed to the error function


H5E_GET_AUTO2 returns the settings for the automatic error stack traversal function, func, and its data, client_data, that are associated with the error stack specified by estack_id.

Either or both of the func and client_data arguments may be null, in which case the value is not returned.

The library initializes its default error stack traversal functions to H5E_PRINT1 and H5E_PRINT2. A call to H5E_GET_AUTO2 returns H5E_PRINT2 or the user-defined function passed in through H5E_SET_AUTO2. A call to H5E_GET_AUTO1 returns H5E_PRINT1 or the user-defined function passed in through H5E_SET_AUTO1. However, if the application passes in a user-defined function through H5E_SET_AUTO1, it should call H5E_GET_AUTO1 to query the traversal function. If the application passes in a user-defined function through H5E_SET_AUTO2, it should call H5E_GET_AUTO2 to query the traversal function.

Mixing the new style and the old style functions will cause a failure. For example, if the application sets a user-defined old-style traversal function through H5E_SET_AUTO1, a call to H5E_GET_AUTO2 will fail and will indicate that the application has mixed H5E_SET_AUTO1 and H5E_GET_AUTO2. On the other hand, mixing H5E_SET_AUTO2 and H5E_GET_AUTO1 will also cause a failure. But if the traversal functions are the library’s default H5E_PRINT1 or H5E_PRINT2, mixing H5E_SET_AUTO1 and H5E_GET_AUTO2 or mixing H5E_SET_AUTO2 and H5E_GET_AUTO1 does not fail.


Returns a non-negative value if successful; otherwise returns a negative value.


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Release    Change
1.8.0Function introduced in this release.

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