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Retrieves callback routines for working with file images


H5P_GET_FILE_IMAGE_CALLBACKS ( fapl_id, callbacks_ptr )

Motivation: H5P_SET_FILE_IMAGE_CALLBACKS and other elements of HDF5 are used to load an image of an HDF5 file into system memory and open that image as a regular HDF5 file. An application can then use the file without the overhead of disk I/O.

Recommended Reading: This function is part of the file image operations feature set. It is highly recommended to study the guide “HDF5 File Image Operations” before using this feature set. See the “See Also” section below for links to other elements of HDF5 file image operations.



herr_t H5Pget_file_image_callbacks(
            hid_t fapl_id,
            H5_file_image_callbacks_t *callbacks_ptr


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hid_t fapl_idIN: File access property list identifier
 H5_file_image_callbacks_t *callbacks_ptrIN/OUT: Pointer to the instance of the H5_file_image_callbacks_t struct in which the callback routines are to be returned

Struct fields must be initialized to NULL before the call is made.

Struct field contents upon return will match those passed in in the last H5P_SET_FILE_IMAGE_CALLBACKS call for the file access property list fapl_id.


H5P_SET_FILE_IMAGE_CALLBACKS retrieves the callback routines set for working with file images opened with the file access property list fapl_id.

The callbacks must have been previously set with H5P_SET_FILE_IMAGE_CALLBACKS in the file access property list.

Upon the successful return of H5P_SET_FILE_IMAGE_CALLBACKS, the fields in the instance of the H5_file_image_callbacks_t struct pointed to by callbacks_ptr will contain the same values as were passed in the most recent H5P_SET_FILE_IMAGE_CALLBACKS call for the file access property list fapl_id.


Returns a non-negative value if successful; otherwise returns a negative value.


examples / h5_subset.c [32:42]  1.10/master  HDFFV/hdf5
main (void)
    hsize_t     dims[2], dimsm[2];   
    int         data[DIM0][DIM1];           /* data to write */
    int         sdata[DIM0_SUB][DIM1_SUB];  /* subset to write */
    int         rdata[DIM0][DIM1];          /* buffer for read */
    hid_t       file_id, dataset_id;        /* handles */
    hid_t       dataspace_id, memspace_id; 


     USE HDF5 ! This module contains all necessary modules


     CHARACTER(LEN=11), PARAMETER :: filename = "compound.h5" ! File name
     CHARACTER(LEN=8), PARAMETER :: dsetname = "Compound"     ! Dataset name
     INTEGER, PARAMETER :: dimsize = 6 ! Size of the dataset

     INTEGER(HID_T) :: file_id       ! File identifier

c++ / examples / create.cpp [33:43]  1.10/master  HDFFV/hdf5
int main (void)
    * Data initialization.
   int i, j;
   int data[NX][NY];          // buffer for data to write
   for (j = 0; j < NX; j++)
      for (i = 0; i < NY; i++)

public class H5Ex_D_Chunk {
    private static String FILENAME = "H5Ex_D_Chunk.h5";
    private static String DATASETNAME = "DS1";
    private static final int DIM_X = 6;
    private static final int DIM_Y = 8;
    private static final int CHUNK_X = 4;
    private static final int CHUNK_Y = 4;
    private static final int RANK = 2;
    private static final int NDIMS = 2;

Release    Change
1.8.9C function introduced in this release.

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