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The HDF Group engages in a variety of open and non-disclosure projects with companies, national laboratories, and research organizations, as well as in-house projects. A subset of projects demonstrating the breadth of our activities is highlighted below.


    • BioHDF
      The BioHDF project is a collaborative effort to develop portable, scalable, next-generation sequencing (NGS) data storage technologies in HDF5.
    • Bioinformatics
      HDF5 has many potential applications in the growing field of bioinformatics.
    • HDF Compass
      HDF Compass is a new viewer for HDF5 and related formats.
    • HDF Server
      HDF Server is a Python-based web service that can be used to send and receive HDF5 data using an HTTP-based REST interface.
    • HDF5 and .NET
      A complete set of Platform Invoke (P/Invoke) declarations for HDF5.
    • HDF4 Mapping
      XML schema and tools for reading HDF4 files without relying on the HDF4 library.
    • NCSA Systems
      The HDF Group supports HDF4 and HDF5 on some of NCSA's high end systems.
    • PSH5X
      PSH5X is a Windows PowerShell module for HDF5.
    • PyHexad
      PyHexad is a Python-based Excel add-in for HDF5 that can be used to read or write data in HDF5 files from Microsoft Excel on Windows.

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