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Sets creation order tracking and indexing for links in a group

H5P_SET_LINK_CREATION_ORDER  ( gcpl_id, crt_order_flags )

herr_t H5Pset_link_creation_order(
        hid_t gcpl_id,
        unsigned crt_order_flags


Fortran90 Interface: h5pset_link_creation_order_f 

SUBROUTINE h5pset_link_creation_order_f(gcpl_id, crt_order_flags, hdferr)
  INTEGER(HID_T), INTENT(IN) :: gcpl_id  ! File access property list identifier
  INTEGER, INTENT(IN) :: crt_order_flags ! Creation order flag(s):
                                         !   H5P_CRT_ORDER_TRACKED_F
                                         !   H5P_CRT_ORDER_INDEXED_F
  INTEGER, INTENT(OUT) :: hdferr         ! Error code
                                         ! 0 on success and -1 on failure
END SUBROUTINE h5pset_link_creation_order_f

hid_t gcpl_idIN: Group or file creation property list identifier
unsigned  crt_order_flags    IN: Creation order flag(s)

H5P_SET_LINK_CREATION_ORDER sets flags for tracking and indexing links on creation order in groups created with the group (or file) creation property list gcpl_id.

crt_order_flags contains flags with the following meanings:

H5P_CRT_ORDER_TRACKEDLink creation order is tracked but not necessarily indexed
H5P_CRT_ORDER_INDEXED    Link creation order is indexed (requires H5P_CRT_ORDER_TRACKED)

The default behavior is that links are tracked and indexed by name, and link creation order is neither tracked nor indexed. The name is always the primary index for links in a group.

H5P_SET_LINK_CREATION_ORDER can be used to set link creation order tracking, or to set link creation order tracking and indexing.

If (H5P_CRT_ORDER_TRACKED | H5P_CRT_ORDER_INDEXED) is specified for crt_order_flags, then links will be tracked and indexed by creation order. The creation order is added as a secondary index and enables faster queries and iterations by creation order.

 If just H5P_CRT_ORDER_TRACKED is specified for crt_order_flags, then links will be tracked by creation order, but not indexed by creation order.  Queries and iterations by creation order will work but will be much slower for large groups than if H5P_CRT_ORDER_INDEXED had been included.

Note that if a creation order index is to be built, it must be specified in the group creation property list. HDF5 currently provides no mechanism to turn on link creation order tracking at group creation time and to build the index later.

Returns a non-negative value if successful; otherwise returns a negative value.

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Release    Change
1.8.0Function introduced in this release.

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