Obtain Tools and Files (Optional)

Pre-built binaries for Linux and Windows are distributed within the respective HDF5 binary release packages, which can be obtained from the Download HDF5 page.

HDF5 files can be obtained from various places such as HDF5 Examples and HDF-EOS and Tools and Information Center. Specifically, the following examples are used in this tutorial topic:

Tutorial Topics

A variety of command-line tools are included in the HDF5 binary distribution. There are tools to view, edit, convert and compare HDF5 files. This tutorial discusses the tools by their functionality. It does not cover all of the HDF5 tools.

Tool CategoryTopicTools Used
View File Content and Structureh5dump and h5ls
 Datasets and Propertiesh5dump and h5ls
 Groupsh5dump and h5ls
 Dataset Subseth5dump
Edit Remove Inaccessible Objects/Unused Space in a Fileh5repack
 Change a Dataset's Storage Layouth5repack
 Apply Compression Filter to a Dataseth5repack
 Copy Objects to Another Fileh5copy
 Add or Remove User Block from Fileh5jam and h5unjam
Convert Output HDF5 Dataset into an ASCII Fileh5dump
 Output HDF5 Dataset into Binary Fileh5dump
 Export from h5dump and Import into HDF5h5dump and h5import