Retrieves a copy of the image of an existing, open file


H5F_GET_FILE_IMAGE (file_id, buf_ptr, buf_len)


<pre><code class="language-c">ssize_t H5Fget_file_image( hid_t file_id, void *buf_ptr, size_t buf_len )</code></pre>

<pre><code class="language-fortran">  SUBROUTINE h5fget_file_image_f(file_id, buf_ptr, buf_len, hdferr, buf_size)
    INTEGER(HID_T) , INTENT(IN)              :: file_id
    TYPE(C_PTR)    , INTENT(INOUT)           :: buf_ptr
    INTEGER(SIZE_T), INTENT(IN)              :: buf_len
    INTEGER        , INTENT(OUT)             :: hdferr
    INTEGER(SIZE_T), INTENT(OUT)  , OPTIONAL :: buf_size</code></pre>

hid_t file_idIN: Target file identifier
void *buf_ptrIN: Pointer to the buffer into which the image of the HDF5 file is to be copied

If buf_ptr is NULL, no data will be copied but the function’s return value will still indicate the buffer size required (or a negative value on error).

size_t buf_lenIN: Size of the supplied buffer


H5F_GET_FILE_IMAGE retrieves a copy of the image of an existing, open file. This routine can be used with files opened using the SEC2 (or POSIX), STDIO, and Core (or Memory) virtual file drivers (VFDs).

If the return value of H5F_GET_FILE_IMAGE is a positive value, it will be the length in bytes of the buffer required to store the file image. So if the file size is unknown, it can be safely determined with an initial  H5F_GET_FILE_IMAGE call with buf_ptr set to NULL. The file image can then be retrieved with a second H5F_GET_FILE_IMAGE call with buf_len set to the initial call’s return value.

While the current file size can also be retrieved with H5F_GET_FILESIZE, that call may produce a larger value than is needed. The value returned by H5F_GET_FILESIZE includes the user block, if it exists, and any unallocated space at the end of the file. It is safe in all situations to get the file size with H5F_GET_FILE_IMAGE and it often produces a value that is more appropriate for the size of a file image buffer.

Recommended Reading:This function is part of the file image operations feature set. It is highly recommended to study the guide “HDF5 File Image Operations” before using this feature set.

See the “See Also” section below for links to other elements of HDF5 file image operations.


If successful, returns the size in bytes of the buffer required to store the file image if successful; otherwise returns a negative value.

Failure Modes: H5P_GET_FILE_IMAGE will fail, returning a negative value, if the file is too large for the supplied buffer.


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See Also:

HDF5 File Image Operations” 

Callback struct   H5_file_image_callbacks_t 
Callback ENUM   H5_file_image_op_t

Release    Change
1.8.13Fortran subroutine added in this release.
1.8.9C function introduced in this release.