Resets hit rate statistics counters for the target file




<pre><code class="language-c">herr_t H5Freset_mdc_hit_rate_stats(hid_t file_id)</code></pre>

hid_t file_id    IN: Identifier of the target file


H5F_RESET_MDC_HIT_RATE_STATS resets the hit rate statistics counters in the metadata cache associated with the specified file.

If the adaptive cache resizing code is enabled, the hit rate statistics are reset at the beginning of each epoch. This API call allows you to do the same thing from your program.

The adaptive cache resizing code may behave oddly if you use this call when adaptive cache resizing is enabled. However, the call should be useful if you choose to control metadata cache size from your program.

See Metadata Caching in HDF5 for details about the metadata cache and the adaptive cache resizing algorithms. If you have not read, understood, and thought about the material covered in that documentation, you should not be using this API call.


Returns a non-negative value if successful; otherwise returns a negative value.


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