Queries the plugin path at the specified index


H5PL_GET (index, path_buf, buf_size)


<pre><code class="language-c">ssize_t H5PLget( unsigned int index, char *path_buf, size_t buf_size )</code></pre>

unsigned int  index    IN: Index
char  *path_buf   OUT: Pathname
size_t  buf_size    IN: Size


 H5PL_GET queries the plugin path at a specified index. If path_buf is non-NULL then it writes up to buf_size bytes into that buffer and always returns the length of the path name.

If path_buf is NULL, this function will simply return the number of characters required to store the path name, ignoring path_buf and buf_size.

If an error occurs then the buffer pointed to by path_buf (NULL or non-NULL) is unchanged and the function returns a negative value. If a zero is returned for the name's length, then there is no path name associated with the index. and the path_buf buffer will be unchanged.


Returns the length of the path, a non-negative value, if successful; otherwise returns a negative value.


Coming Soon!

Release    Change
1.10.1Function introduced in this release.