Attach dimension scale dsid to dimension idx of dataset did.


H5DS_ATTACH_SCALE(did, dsid, idx)


<pre><code class="language-c">herr_t H5DSattach_scale(hid_t did, hid_t dsid, unsigned int idx)</code></pre>

<pre><code class="language-fortran">SUBROUTINE H5DSattach_scale_f(did, dsid, idx, errcode)
    INTEGER(hid_t), INTENT(in) :: did     ! The dataset
    INTEGER(hid_t), INTENT(in) :: dsid    ! The scale to be attached 
    INTEGER       , INTENT(in) :: idx     ! The dimension of did that 
                                          ! dsid is associated with.
    INTEGER                    :: errcode ! Error code
END SUBROUTINE H5DSattach_scale_f</code></pre>

hid_t did;IN: the dataset
hid_t dsid;IN: the scale to be attached
unsigned int idx;    IN: the dimension of did that dsid is associated with.


Define Dimension Scale dsid to be associated with dimension idx of Dataset did.

Entries are created in the DIMENSION_LIST and REFERENCE_LIST attributes, as defined in section 4.2.

Fails if:

  • Bad arguments
  • If dsid is not a Dimension Scale
  • If did is a Dimension Scale (A Dimension Scale cannot have scales.)

Note: The Dimension Scale dsid can be attached to the same dimension more than once, which has no effect.


Zero if succeed, negative if fail.


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