Sets the file space handling strategy and persisting free-space values for a file creation property list


H5P_SET_FILE_SPACE_STRATEGY ( fcpl, strategy, persist, threshold )


<pre><code class="language-c">herr_t H5Pset_file_space_strategy(
        hid_t fcpl, 
        H5F_fspace_strategy_t strategy, 
        hbool_t persist, 
        hsize_t threshold )

id_t fcplIN: The file creation property list identifier used to create a new file
H5F_fspace_strategy_t strategyIN: The file space handling strategy to be used. H5F_fspace_strategy_t is defined as:
    typedef enum H5F_fspace_strategy_t {
          H5F_FSPACE_STRATEGY_FSM_AGGR = 0, /* FSM, Aggregators, VFD */ 
          H5F_FSPACE_STRATEGY_PAGE = 1	   /* Paged FSM, VFD */
          H5F_FSPACE_STRATEGY_AGGR = 2	   /* Aggregators, VFD */
          H5F_FSPACE_STRATEGY_NONE = 3,     /* VFD */
    } H5F_fspace_strategy_t;
hbool_t persistIN: A boolean value to indicate whether free space should be persistent or not
hsize_t thresholdIN: The smallest free-space section size that the free space manager will track


H5P_SET_FILE_SPACE_STRATEGY sets the file space handling strategy, specifies persisting free-space or not (persist), and sets the free-space section size threshold in the file creation property list fcpl.

This setting cannot be changed for the life of the file.

As the H5F_FSPACE_STRATEGY_AGGR and H5F_FSPACE_STRATEGY_NONE strategies do not use the free-space managers, the persist and threshold settings will be ignored for those strategies.


Returns a non-negative value if successful; otherwise returns a negative value.


Coming Soon!

Release    Change
1.10.1C function introduced with this release.