Converts an HDF5 file to a GIF file

<pre><code class="language-bash">h52gif h5_file gif_file -i h5_image</code></pre>

h52gif accepts as input the HDF5 file h5_file and the name of an image within that file as input and produces the GIF filegif_file, containing the image, as output.

Options and Parameters:
h5_fileThe name of the input HDF5 file
gif_fileThe name of the output GIF file
-i h5_image   Image option, specifying the name of an HDF5 image or dataset containing an image to be converted

Exit Status:
> 0    An error occurred.

Release    Change
1.8.5Tool exit status codes updated.
1.8.15The -p option was removed from the “Options and Parameters” section: the feature has not been implemented.