Retrieves type of data property for MULTI driver


H5P_GET_MULTI_TYPE ( fapl_id, type )


<pre><code class="language-c">herr_t H5Pget_multi_type (
                        hid_t fapl_id,
                        H5FD_mem_t *type

hid_t fapl_idIN: File access property list or data transfer property list identifier
H5FD_mem_t *type    OUT: Type of data


H5P_GET_MULTI_TYPE retrieves the type of data setting from the file access or data transfer property list fapl_id. This enables a user application to specify the type of data the application wishes to access so that the application can retrieve a file handle for low-level access to the particular member of a set of MULTI files in which that type of data is stored. The file handle is retrieved with a separate call to H5F_GET_VFD_HANDLE  (or, in special circumstances, to H5FDget_vfd_handle; see Virtual File Layer and List of VFL Functions in HDF5 Technical Notes).

The type of data returned in type will be one of those listed in the discussion of the type parameter in the the description of the function H5P_SET_MULTI_TYPE.

Use of this function is only appropriate for an HDF5 file written as a set of files with the MULTI file driver.


Returns a non-negative value if successful; otherwise returns a negative value.


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Release    Change
1.6.0Function introduced in this release.