It was decided at the Board Meeting on to create a poll and send it to the FORUM to get feedback on the following issues:

  1. HDF5 Strengths and Weaknesses
  2. Community contributions

The HDF Group uses to create polls. Those look very nice, allow automatic gathering of statistics, etc.

Each survey starts with a preamble that explains the purpose of the survey followed by the questions. Below is preamble and suggested questions for the poll. Please review and suggest additions and/or modifications.

The HDF Group (THG)  created HDF5 Technical Advisory Board whose purpose is to advise The HDF Group technical leadership on the HDF5 roadmap and to help The HDF Group company to build HDF5 community capable of sustaining Open Source HDF5 software in the future.  Could you please take a few minutes and answer the following questions to help the Board with prioritization of the focus areas?

  1. What is the biggest weakness of HDF5? (Text box)
  2. What is the biggest strength of HDF5? (Text box)
  3. Are you planning to contribute to the HDF5 source? (Yes/No)
  4. Describe a potential contribution (If Yes to previous question, then there will be a text box to fill)
  5. What is the biggest obstacle for contributing to  HDF5 source?  (Text box)
  6. May we contact you to discuss the answers? (Yes/ No, if Yes there is a text box to provide email).