Sets the flag to create minimized dataset object headers


H5F_SET_DSET_NO_ATTRS_HINT ( file_id, minimize )


<pre><code class="language-c">herr_t H5Fset_dset_no_attrs_hint(hid_t file_id, hbool_t minimize)</code></pre>

<pre><code class="language-fortran">Fortran Interface:
  SUBROUTINE h5fset_dset_no_attrs_hint_f(file_id, minimize, hdferr)
    INTEGER(HID_T) , INTENT(IN)              :: file_id
    LOGICAL        , INTENT(IN)              :: minimize
    INTEGER        , INTENT(OUT)             :: hdferr

  END SUBROUTINE h5fset_dset_no_attrs_hint_f


hid_t file_id

IN: File identifier (from H5F_OPEN or H5F_CREATE)

hbool_t minimize

IN: Flag indicating whether the library will or will not create minimized dataset object headers


H5F_SET_DSET_NO_ATTRS_HINT sets the no dataset attributes hint setting for the file specified by the file identifier file_id. If the boolean flag minimize is set to TRUE, then the library will create minimized dataset object headers in the file.  All files that refer to the same file-on-disk will be affected by the most recent setting, regardless of the file identifier/handle (e.g., as returned by H5F_OPEN).  By setting the minimize flag to TRUE, the library expects that no attributes will be added to the dataset -- attributes can be added, but they are appended with a continuation message, which can reduce performance.

This setting interacts with H5P_SET_DSET_NO_ATTRS_HINT: if either is set to TRUE, then the created dataset's object header will be minimized.


Non-negative value (SUCCEED) if successful. Negative (FAIL) on failure.



    hid_t   fid_1, fid_2;
    hbool_t set;

    fid_1 = H5Fcreate("myfile", H5F_ACC_TRUNCATE, H5P_DEFAULT, H5P_DEFAULT);
    assert(fid_1 != H5I_INVALID_FILE_ID);

    /* Open second file ID referring to same actual file */
    fid_2 = H5Fopen("myfile", H5F_ACC_RDWR, H5P_DEFAULT);
    assert(fid_2 != H5I_INVALID_FILE_ID);

    /* Get default value from ID 1 */
    assert(H5Fget_dset_no_attrs_hint(fid_1, &set) == SUCCEED);
    assert(set == FALSE);

    /* Change setting with ID 2 */
    assert(H5Fset_dset_no_attrs_hint(fid_2, TRUE) == SUCCEED);
    /* Re-check value with ID 1 */
    assert(H5Fget_dset_no_attrs_hint(fid_1, &set) == SUCCEED);
    assert(set == TRUE);

1.10.5Function introduced.