Docker Setup

The following are instructions for installing docker on Linux/CentOS. Details for other Linux distros may vary. For OS X, see

Run the following commands to install Docker on Linux/CentOS:

$ sudo yum install docker
$ sudo service docker start
$ sudo chkconfig --level 300 docker on
$ sudo groupadd docker # if group docker doesn't exist already
$ sudo gpasswd -a $USER docker
# log out and back in again (may also need to stop/start docker service)
$ docker ps  # verify

Install docker-compose. See:

Test Data Setup

Using the following procedure to import test files into hsds

  1. Install h5py: $ pip install h5py
  2. Install h5pyd (Python client SDK): $ pip install h5pyd
  3. Download the following file: $ wget
  4. In the following steps use the password that was setup for the test_user1 account in place of <passwd>
  5. Create a test folder on HSDS: $ hstouch -u test_user1 -p <passwd> /home/test_user1/test/
  6. Import into hsds: $ hsload -v -u test_user1 -p <passwd> tall.h5 /home/test_user1/test/
  7. Verify upload: $ hsls -r -u test_user1 -p <passwd> /home/test_user1/test/tall.h5

Installing Software Updates

To get the latest codes changes from the HSDS repo do the following:

  1. Shutdown the service: $
  2. Get code changes: $ git pull
  3. Build a new Docker image: $ docker-compose build
  4. Start the service: $ ./