The H5R APIs were extended in HDF5-1.12 to support external references and attributes and to support the Virtual Object Layer (VOL). Information on these changes can be found below:


In order to support the new reference features several functions were introduced:

See the RFC for details on the changes that were made.

HDF5 Library APIs

The H5R functions that were introduce in HDF5-1.12 are described below.

H5R_COPYCopies an existing reference
H5R_CREATE_ATTRCreates an attribute reference
H5R_CREATE_OBJECTCreates an object reference
H5R_CREATE_REGIONCreates a region reference
H5R_DECODEDecodes a reference from a buffer
H5R_DESTROYCloses a reference
H5R_ENCODEEncodes a reference into a buffer
H5R_EQUALDetermines whether two references are equal
H5R_GET_ATTR_NAMERetrieves the attribute name for a referenced object
H5R_GET_FILE_NAMERetrieves the file name for a referenced object
H5R_GET_OBJ_NAMERetrieves the object name for a referenced object
H5R_GET_OBJ_TYPE3Retrieves the type of object that an object reference points to
H5R_GET_TYPERetrieves the type of reference
H5R_OPEN_ATTROpens the referenced HDF5 attribute
H5R_OPEN_OBJECTOpens the referenced HDF5 object
H5R_OPEN_REGIONSets up a dataspace and selection as specified by a region reference