Opens the HDF5 attribute referenced


H5R_OPEN_ATTR ( ref_ptr, rapl_id, aapl_id )


<pre><code class="language-c">hid_t H5Ropen_attr ( const H5R_ref_t *ref_ptr, hid_t rapl_id, hid_t aapl_id )</code></pre>

<pre><code class="language-fortran">Replace this text with the Fortran function signature</code></pre>

const H5R_ref_t *ref_ptrIN: Pointer to attribute reference to open. H5R_ref_t is defined in H5Rpublic.h as:   typedef unsigned char H5R_ref_t[H5R_REF_BUF_SIZE];
hid_t rapl_idIN: Valid reference access property list identifier
hid_t aapl_idIN: Valid attribute access property list identifier


Given a reference, ref_ptr, to an attribute attached to an object, H5R_OPEN_ATTR opens the attribute attached to that object and returns an identifier.

The parameter rapl id is a reference access property list identifier for the reference. The access property list can be used to access external files that the reference points to (through a file access property list).

The parameter aapl_id is an attribute access property list identifier for the referenced attribute.

The attribute opened with this function should be closed with H5A_CLOSE when it is no longer needed.


Returns a valid attribute identifier if successful; otherwise returns a negative value.


Coming Soon!

1.12.0C function introduced in this release.