Retrieves metadata for a link in  group, according to the order within a field or index


<pre><code class="language-c">herr_t H5Lget_info_by_idx (hid_t loc_id, const char *group_name,
    H5_index_t idx_type, H5_iter_order_t order, hsize_t n, H5L_info_t *linfo /*out*/, hid_t lapl_id)</code></pre>

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H5L_GET_INFO_BY_IDX is a macro that is mapped to either:

Such macros are provided to facilitate application compatibility. Their use and mappings are fully described in API Compatibility Macros in HDF5.

If the library and/or application is compiled for Release 1.12 emulation, H5L_GET_INFO_BY_IDX will be mapped to H5L_GET_INFO_BY_IDX2 and H5L_GET_INFO_BY_IDX1 is deprecated. With earlier versions, H5L_GET_INFO_BY_IDX is the same as  H5L_GET_INFO_BY_IDX1.

No compatibility flag

H5L_GET_INFO_BY_IDX2 (using 1.12 source)

H5L_GET_INFO_BY_IDX1 (using 1.10 or 1.8 source)

Emulate Release 1.12H5L_GET_INFO_BY_IDX2 
Emulate Release 1.8 or 1.10 interface H5L_GET_INFO_BY_IDX1 


The function H5L_GET_INFO_BY_IDX was renamed to H5L_GET_INFO_BY_IDX1 and deprecated in this release.The macro H5L_GET_INFO_BY_IDX and the function H5L_GET_INFO_BY_IDX2 were introduced in this release.